Tabular Playground Overfitting | Solvers Club

On the first day of Autumn in 2021, I finished my first Kaggle competition as a part of Solvers Club. Solvers Club has a great community of Data scientists, Data engineers, programmers and great people, in general, that motivated me to try new ideas and blending techniques throughout the month. In particular, I want to congratulate all … Read more

Simple Image Classification with EfficientNet

Humans unlike computers make sense of what we see based on our experiences, memories and biological structure. Human brain extracts and analyses humongous volumes of data using visual cues. To understand the true effect of sight, 40% of our nerve fibers are linked to the retina, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is … Read more

Machine Learning simple Sklearn Ensemble

This post is a write up on sklearn pipeline with multiple regression models for multiple target columns using traditional and established libraries such as numpy, pandas, scipy and sklearn. This post explores further the topics of the previous article on sklearn pipeline for time-series data, which you can find here: Some of the ideas for … Read more

Simple Return, Log Return and Volatility easy intro

Following $100k Optiver Realized Volatility Prediction Competition on Kaggle, interest in financial time-series and concepts has drastically increased. Besides, in this website we have not travelled past the very introductory concepts in time-series ecnnometrics. Therefore in this blog post we are going to introduce the concepts of simple returns, log returns and realized volatility. In … Read more

Machine Learning time-series simple pipeline SkLearn

This post is a write up on sklearn pipeline with multiple regression models using traditional and established libraries like numpy, pandas, scipy and sklearn. In this post we are making a model for time-series data which we introduced in this post: Some of the ideas for this post came from researching for machine learning competition … Read more

Practical ML to raise efficiency of businesses

Recent advancements in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning have provided a foundation for new technologies, including robotic process automation, natural language processing, computer vision and reinforcement learning. In turn, these developments in artificial intelligence field and advancements in computer science have affected how organizations approach, design and execute business processes. Businesses have … Read more

Moscow City Hack easy recommending system in Flask

This is the write-up on the hackathon Moscow City Hack that took place in Moscow, Russia from 11 to 14 of June. Our team consisted of members who are new to the concept of a Hackathon. Nevertheless, we had great time exchanging our ideas and coding which led us to finals where we achieved 10th … Read more