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About me

Facet co-founder, Ethscriptions co-founder, Capsule 21 co-founder, Genius.com co-founder & former CEO


Ethscriptions are an alternative to smart contracts—which are prohibitively expensive for most users—and to L2s, which today are centralized.

Ethscriptions is a protocol that allows users to share information and perform computations on Ethereum L1 at a drastically lower cost.

Ethscriptions achieves this by bypassing all smart contract storage and execution and instead calculates state by the application of deterministic protocol rules to "dumb" Ethereum calldata.

The goal of Ethscriptions is to give ordinary users the ability to perform decentralized computations for a reasonable price.

What is Facet?

Facet is a secure, decentralized, and affordable computation protocol.

Facet is not a blockchain. Instead it is a different way of thinking about and using blockchains. Think of Facet as a new lens through which you can view and interact with Ethereum.


Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and musical knowledge.

Capsule 21

Capsule 21 is the home of experimental, artistic, derivative and 100% on-chain NFT projects. All current projects were originally conceived and developed by Middlemarch, PIV, and dovetail but projects by other developers who share the same philosophy and inspirations will be added to the Capsule 21 Collection in the future.