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ETH Belgrade 2024: ZKPs on Mina, zkPassport and SoulBound NFTs

Decentralized zkOracles Ethereum Mina blockchain ZKPs NFTs node operators wallet DeFi Privacy security Mina Protocol Mini-Blockchain Blockchain Technology Zero Knowledge Proofs Scalability zkPassport Lightweight Blockchain Decentralized Applications Privacy-Centric Infrastructure Blockchain Development Mina Community Blockchain Innovation ETH event ETH Belgrade 2024

ETH Belgrade 2024: ZKPs on Mina, zkPassport and SoulBound NFTs

The Mina Protocol incorporates innovative features such as non-transferable soulbound tokens, zero-knowledge proofs, zkOracles, VRFs, and off-chain data handling to address key challenges in Web3, enhance scalability, bolster identity systems, and enable more powerful and private zkApps.

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