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How to post your content on DSPYT

How to post your content on DSPYT

If you want to edit or publish an article, then this post is especially valuable for you!

Guidelines for style and standards of excellence

We maintain stringent standards when it comes to the caliber of articles we release. Don't be disheartened if your submissions are declined! Please return to submit new content at our platform at a later time. Here are some recommendations that will assist you as you create narratives for us to approve.

  1. Cite all your sources
  2. Incorporate relevant data and quotes as necessary
  3. Avoid creating daily or unstructured 'stream of consciousness' blog entries
  4. Compose a minimum of 350 words
  5. Introduce original data visualizations as required
  6. Do not directly link to images; instead, add images to the directory
  7. Steer clear of clickbait headlines
  8. Don’t make typographical errors
  9. Construct a descriptive, evergreen URL path (filename) for your post
  10. Implement code blocks, and take advantage of our support for syntax highlighting in popular programming languages
  11. You may incorporate tasteful links back to your personal site and projects
  12. It is acceptable to include a one-sentence call-to-action for your product at the conclusion of your piece
  13. Avoid including any affiliate links
  14. Cross-posting is only permissible if you set the canonical URL on those platforms to direct to the DSPYT-CodeVerse post
  15. Thoroughly review and edit your article, then review it once more for good measure

Create Markdown

You can create markdown on at /markdown route.

How to submit (The easiest way)

How to submit v2

  1. Fork repository to your personal GitHub account
  2. Implement modifications to your fork / copy of the dspyt-web repository
  3. Propose a pull request from your version to the main branch of dspyt-web repository
  4. Await feedback and authorization. Dspyt team will provide valuable feedback as soon as possible.

Dspyt Approval

Typically, we will respond promptly, usually within a few days. We may add comments to your pull request and request revisions. If the article falls significantly short of our quality standards, we will issue a rejection message and close the pull request. In such a case, don't hesitate to publish your work on other platforms, and consider returning to us with fresh content at a later time.

Approved on Dspyt

Upon receiving approval, we will merge your pull request! Once it's merged, our system will initiate site rebuilding, and your story will be accessible to the public.