Pavel Fedotov

Pavel Fedotov


Pavel Fedotov - Dspyt DAO profile

Full Stack Blockchain Developer with over 3 years of experience in engineering decentralized applications with Rust, Solidity, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, React and NextJs. I have achieved multiple awards from Filecoin, Uniswap, Algorand, Near, Fuel Blockchain, Ceramic and PARSIQ. With Pin Save decentralized Pinterest completed Filecoin grant to advance decentralized Identity (ERC-725) in combination with NFT related standards.

I have a BA in Business Studies and Economics from the University of Manchester, graduating with Honors and publishing a popular academic article titled: "Critical analysis of the electric vehicle industry: Five forces and strategic action fields".

I have received roughly 20m in delegated ARB token, about USD 40m, in 2 committee elections on Arbitrum.