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Web3Basketball - Basketball statistics

Web3Basketball - Basketball statistics

Basketball improves overall health, benefits mental health, and keeps you fit. If your problem is extra pounds, basketball will help you quickly lose weight and gain the long-awaited harmony.

How basketball affects human psychology?

Very positively, because it forms in us many useful qualities and skills. For example, endurance is the ability to focus on a set goal, take initiative, work in a team, and take responsibility. Playing sports makes you happier or less stressed.

With decentralized storage provider IPFS and blockchain technology, we are building a decentralized platform for you to learn how to play basketball. We all know that sport is good for physical health. Basketball also has many psychological benefits.

What Web3Basketball does

Web3Basketball Dapp introduces users to the sport of Basketball as well as contains an item store to track and ledger the delivery of basketball equipment. Each real equipment item is ledgered via a digital one with a smart contract logic system in place to determine the demand and track items. When delivery is completed the DApp NFTs should be exchanged for the physical items.

A great win for the producers is to save on costs with improved inventory tracking and demand management. Web3Basketball DApp succeeds where off-chain software-ledger system products fail because they may go out of service, need updates, and crash with data losses. Web3Basketball DApp is a very low-cost business systems management product/tool.

While competing software-based ledgering products carry monthly and or annual base fees, the only new costs accrued by the business utilizing the DApp are among new contract deployments. A new contract for a new batch of items only is needed every few months based on demand and delivery schedule.

How we built Web3Basketball

We built the application using JavaScript, NextJS, React, Tailwind CSS, Polygon and ChainLink. The application is hosted on Vercel. Meanwhile, the IPFS data is stored using and with car file extension.

We have utilized Price Feed from ChainLink oracle in the smart contract to calculate the fair price of the items in our market place. In particular we estimated Ethereum price in USD.

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Interesting information

One of the most popular sports in the world is basketball. This is primarily because it is one of the most engrossing games ever created. Millions of people watch the sport, and thousands of supporters attend games. Accordingly, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the world's most fiercely competitive leagues.

The NBA is a well-known basketball league that attracts viewers from all over the world. The world's best basketball players compete on this platform. There are a lot of thrilling plays and moments, including dunks, posterizations, blocks, and buzzer-beaters.

Thankfully, the NBA's governing body made it possible for everyone to watch, whether it be live on television or a basketball court. Real Research had therefore undertaken a study to ascertain NBA viewership. The study was conducted between December 24 and December 26, 2020.


  1. 77% of those surveyed say they watch basketball matches live or on television.
  2. Nearly 70% of people play basketball and identify as basketball aficionados.
  3. The majority of poll respondents are at least somewhat familiar with basketball regulations.
  4. About 27% regularly follow and watch basketball.
  5. More than 30% of respondents said that the Los Angeles Lakers were their favorite team.
  6. Lebron James is regarded as the NBA's best player by more than 25%.
  7. 37% of people have a preference for the team that their favorite players are on.
  8. The bulk of people pays for NBA game tickets in person or through live streaming services.

According to statistics gathered from the Real Research poll, about 70% of people play basketball, with the remaining 30% not participating. 65 percent of those who responded to the study are single, 32 percent are married, 1.5 percent are separated, and 1.3% are involved in a domestic partnership.

Additionally, the age group with the most replies (11,150) is 19–29 years old, followed by 29–39 years old (5,925). The group of adults aged 49 to 60 overcomes next. Male respondents made up the majority of the sample (82%), while female respondents made up just 17%.

We can see that basketball players tend to be young, single men. Others who play for recreation or to maintain their physical fitness are not excluded, though.

In addition, 11,115 of the 20,000 poll respondents are between the ages of 19 and 29. The second is the group of adults aged from 29 to 39 and then 39 to 60 comes third, and lastly, the group of 60 plus. This indicates that many young individuals, regardless of their marital status, are interested in the NBA.

Statistics on the number of women and men, as well as statistics on age

77% of viewers watch basketball live

There have been many outstanding games in NBA history, and some games are simply too compelling for some fans to overlook. The most watched basketball events are the NBA finals since they are the peak of the sport internationally.

15,322 (77%) of those surveyed watch basketball games live or on television. 4,678 people (23% of the total population) claimed not to watch basketball games live or on television.

Viewers watch basketball live

Basketball Fans Follow and Watch NBA Games

Basketball is a sport that approximately 69% of the respondents say they enjoy. This demonstrates how popular and widely seen basketball is. Basketball games are watched by many people, but not everyone is a fan. Because of this, 30% of poll respondents don't consider themselves basketball aficionados.

Basketball Fans Follow and Watch NBA Games

A typical basketball team consists of 12 players, with five of them always on the court. Additionally, any number of substitutions are allowed. The positions of the five players are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.

People were asked to rate how knowledgeable they were about basketball regulations. 31% of respondents indicated that their understanding is at a professional level. 27% of respondents claimed to be at the intermediate level, while 24% said they merely have fair knowledge. Aside from these people, 10% claimed to have mediocre expertise, and less than 10% said they were completely ignorant of the regulations.

Level of play

A typical NBA season involves 82 games for each team. The playoffs are open to eight teams from each of the two leagues. The Nine-Ten Game winner will play the Seven-Eight Game loser in a play-in game. The winner of that game will therefore receive the conference's eighth seed in the playoffs. There are consequently over 100 NBA games.

When asked if they follow NBA games, 24% responded that they "always" do so. Conversely, 23% said they "often" follow the games, 29% said they "sometimes," 13% said they "rarely," and 11% said they never follow any NBA games.

If they follow NBA games

When asked how often they watch NBA games live or on television, 26% of the respondents said that they do so on average from one to three times every day. 19% of people watch the games for longer than three hours each day. Additionally, 7% watch a few times every month and 18% only watch the games once a week. Aside from these responses, 11% watch NBA games around twice a year, and 6% only watch the games on a monthly basis.

The results of this data demonstrate how much interest there is in NBA games, whether they are broadcast live or on TV.

How often they watch NBA games live or on television

The majority (59%) of respondents who were asked if they paid for tickets to live NBA games or live streaming subscriptions responded that they did. 41% of respondents said they don't pay for any of the aforementioned, though.

The outcome of this data demonstrates that not everyone can afford live NBA game tickets or live streaming subscriptions.

If they paid for tickets to live NBA games or live streaming subscriptions

Los Angeles Lakers: The Favorite Team of NBA Fans

There are numerous teams, but only a select number are receiving media attention. This is a typical scenario in practically all sports. Popular clubs are often those that have consistently performed well and kept their rankings at the top. They become many fans' favorite teams as a result. It doesn't necessarily follow that others aren't doing well, either.

The majority of respondents' (30%) preferred team is the Los Angeles Lakers. The Philadelphia 76ers are in third place, followed by the Atlanta Hawks (12%) and Portland Trail (13%). Numerous survey respondents' lists of preferred teams included the remaining 26 teams as well. However, 7% of respondents admitted that they have no preferred team.

The Favorite Team of NBA Fans

Lebron James: The NBA’s Best Player

A few names have a clear connection to basketball. Lebron James, one of the greatest NBA players ever, is one of them. Lebron James received 5,077 votes (25%), making him the best NBA player. In second place with 3,894 votes (19%) is Kawhi Leonard. James Harden comes in third with 2,602 (13% of the total). Harden is closely followed by Giannis Antekokounmpo with 2,460 votes (12%). Stephen Curry also made the list, coming in at 1,832 (9%).

The basketball players and talents listed above have all put in a lot of effort to get to where they are now in terms of skill and reputation.

The NBA’s Best Player

When it comes to their preferred players, some basketball fans have biases. 37% of respondents said they supported the team that their favorite players were on because they liked them. Additionally, 27% of respondents said that it is a coincidence in some way that their favorite players are on their favorite clubs.

Favorite player and team

However, 16% of respondents prefer to consider the team's overall performance and play style. But 7% usually focus on the team management. The remainder retorted that their favorite team and player were distinct from one another.