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Exploring Ethereum Contracts and Their Associated Data

Exploring Ethereum Contracts and Their Associated Data

This week saw the beginning of work on Ethereum Contract Explorer, a comprehensive tool for exploring Ethereum contracts and their associated data. We set up the development environment and began coding the project. We started by developing the basic user interface for exploring Ethereum contracts. This included creating the application in Next js and Tailwind, a simple home page, navbar and search bar. We also worked on implementing scalable application and search functionality.

Next, we will continue developing the detailed information view and begin working on the network activity view for each contract. This will allow users to search for contracts based on various criteria such as address, transaction hash, contract name, etc., view detailed information about each contract such as the code, deployed transactions, storage and execution costs, etc., and monitor the network activity of a contract over a period of time. We are excited to see how this project progresses in the upcoming weeks!

Follow our progress on GitHub at and stay tuned for more updates!